I am Not Dead Yet, I can Laugh and I can Sing

SO, there's Zombies out and about. Everywhere. The nice thing about living in such a rural state that they're few and far between. And, fortunently, because Vermont has some really lax gun laws and when some poor sucker does get bitten and infected, well, they're eliminated pretty darn quickly.
So, I stayed at home for most of the morning, catching up on my reading (I tallied up the page counts of all my books, and it's like 8700 pages or something like that), reading up on the Falklands War and the Grand Canyon, and added the Zombie Survival Handbook to my to get list.
I had a meeting in town, so I added some reinforcements to my windshield and packed a cricket bat, and drove into school, where I got to talk about my paper and Normandy trip for the Norwich Record, the school's alumni newsletter. Oddly, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of zombies around the military college. I thought that I saw a couple, but they turned out to be football players hanging around for summer school. I think. Went over to the pizza place to get lunch, and ended up penned up in the bookstore while a couple lumbered around, while I found a heavy book to swat them with, getting my lunch (although I'm not really hungry any more) and beat a quick retreat to the school again to use the computer. I dread to think about how many will be around the mall where Walden Books is. Fortunently, we've got several heavy bibles to hit them with, a long metal pole and numerous copies of the Zombie Survival Handbook, as well as two crazy co-workers, so I think that we'll be the best off of all the stores. Walmart's been infested for years, so I think they're a lost cause.