Weekend & Bitchy Authors

Eric came back from Pennsylvania on Thursday, and after a mishap on Friday, (when this happened), we got together on Saturday, at the Alchemist in Waterbury. Good pub, I'd love to hit that up again in the future, but there's not a whole lot of people to go out drinking and eating with, now that I've graduated and everybody's left Vermont.

This week, I'm working again, and will finally be able to start paying off bills. My hours are up, and my car now has new brakes, which were really needed. Tuesday, I'm headed up to Abnaki, where I'm going to present on the history (Which I've been researching all day) and will hopefully get finished in a bit. I've essentially got a timeline of events, and I'm going to compare it to various world events and events in the history of camping. I'd love to do some more work on this, and actually get a good comprehensive history on Camp written down - there's a lot of information, and the last fairly comprehensive history only goes up to the 1930s or so. Maybe there's some grants somewhere that I can apply to.