So, I'm starting my new job tomorrow. Actually, I've probably already started by the time that this is now up, because I'm writing this on Sunday night. I'm a bit nervous, and excited. It means a much higher salary than what I got at the bookstore, actual benefits, vacation time, retirement money, it's overwhelming. Still, this means no more customers, corporate bullshit and targets each day, and no more sucking up to customers. Still, I'll miss the discount, and the random customers who've come in who I've come to know and enjoyed talking to. Still, work has sucked since Amber and Eric were fired from the store, they were really the only ones that I enjoyed working with. I've still got another four or five days left at the bookstore, pulling a couple long days, but it'll be over soon. So, I'm sitting in my room watching through the second season of Battlestar Galactica, currently watching the extended version of Pegasus and Resurrection Ship. I blew most of my last paycheck from Walden on the DVDs, picking up Hot Fuzz, Layer Cake, Babylon 5: The Lost Tales and Stranger than Fiction as well. I ditched some of my other DVDs with FYE, which helped offset the costs a bit. Been doing a bit more with music as well. I've got that music blog that I've started up, and a string of concerts that I've been to and will be going to. I just saw the Alternate Routes earlier last month, and Cary Brothers / Priscilla Ahn / Stars of Track and Field earlier this month. This week is Grace Potter & The Nocturnals with a special show, then later on this month at the waterfront in Burlington, as well as the Dave Matthew's Band next week.
It's an upturn to a very shitty month. But not much.