Batman and the Senate Judicial Committee

This is a pretty cool tidbit from CNN. One of Vermont's Senators, Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont, will have a small cameo role in the upcoming Batman movie, The Dark Knight Returns. Apparently, the senator, who's the chair of the Judicial Committee, is a big Batman fan, and will have a small speaking role.

Apparently, he'll share a scene with the two main stars of the film, Christian Bale and Heath Leger.
It's not the first time that Vermont's been involved with Batman. Scenes from Batman and Robin were supposed to be filmed in the Barre Granite Quarries, but that was scrapped due to expense. In addition, one of the best known writers for the series, Frank Miller, grew up in Central Vermont.
It'll be pretty cool to see Senator Leahy in the film. I wonder if it will raise any questions about his approach to the recent subpoenas against White House personnel. Maybe he should get a spotlight on the top of his office complex.