Vermont experienced a couple of really strong storms last night. While driving to the bank to deposit my paycheck, NPR was interrupted by a weather warning saying that there was a tornado watch in pretty much all of Vermont. This is somewhat scary, because Vermont never gets tornadoes. I think that in the entire time that I've lived here, we've gotten one? Two at the most? They just don't happen here. This morning, I heard reports of inch and a half thick hail that fell in some places in North East New York, and worried about Camp Abnaki, because it's right up there in the islands. I've put out a message earlier today seeing what was happening, because someone said that a tornado touched down in the islands. Apparently Camp experienced some damages, and I'll most likely find out exactly what happened, as I'm headed up there tomorrow morning for something my dad's company is doing, to visit a couple of people at camp and to see my friend Blackwell, who's home for the week. Then off to see Grace Potter again in Burlington, which should be fun.