First Four Minutes of The Kingdom

Today, the action movie The Kingdom, opens today in theaters. This is one that I've been looking forwards to for a little while, right inline with some of the action-espionage movies. It's got an incredible cast and directed by Peter Berg, who also worked heavily with Alias. The first four minutes of the film has surfaced online:

It's one of the coolest openings that I've ever seen for a movie - it's essentially a history lesson for those of us who know absolutely nothing about the Middle East and Saudi Arabia. I'm not sure how accurate it is - it looks to be fairly complete, although it's hardly detailed in any meaningful fashion. But, it does stick everything into a nice timeline right up to 9-11, with some extremely cool graphics.

I'm thinking of heading out to see this tonight, it looks like a good movie, or in any case, an enjoyable one.