Pushing Daisies, or, the Best Show of the Year

ABC aired one of their newest shows last night, and I caught it earlier today via their nifty online TV thingy.

Go. Watch. This. Show.

Asside from being utterly brilliant, the show is extremely well acted, highly, highly, highly original and quirky and is probably one of the coolest things to hit TV since ... I don't know when. Reminded me a lot of the film Big Fish.
The plot of the show is this: A boy, Ned, finds that he has the ability to bring people back to life, with just one touch.

A couple problems: 1 - if he touches them again, they're dead, for good, he can't bring them back, ever. 2 - If he doesn't touch the person again, someone nearby dies. 3 - he just brought his childhood sweetheart back to life..
He's in the business with a private investigator (who's the same guy who played Vogler in House), and they've been making a living bringing people back to life, asking them who killed them, and collecting the reward.
Just simplely an amazing show. The guy who created it also did Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me, Heroes and Star Trek Voyager, as a producer and writer for both shows, so he knows the business.

Now, the real question is, can this show hold an audience? I really hope so, because this one is just too good to die. However, it's a bit out there, and very, very different, so it might have a hard time holding onto an audience. I guess we'll see.