The Fighting 501st

Now that I am out of college and have the spare time and a full time job that pays, I've been able to return to an organization that I've really been proud to be a part of. in 2004, I joined the 501st Storm Trooper Legion and trooped with the group in 2005, for Celebration 3. But then, I was inactivated because I wasn't able to really participate. Last weekend, I got back into the fold with the 2007 Woburn Parade. It was a lot bigger than I expected with something like 40 people from the garrison going. I got in a lot earlier than I thought I would, around 8 am (having gotten up and left at 5:15 am). When I got there, I got an extremely warm welcome from the people who were there even earlier than I was there. For the rest of the day, it was mingling with other 501st people, as well as kids that we walked around and saw.
While down there, I realised why this is so much fun - the looks on the children's faces when they see someone in Storm Trooper armor, or any costume from Star Wars. That makes my day every time. The 501st is a fun organization to be a part of, mainly because it's a chance to be a complete geek for a while, but also because of the work that we can accomplish in armor - the group does a number of charity events, usually with children's organizations - much of this comes from our founder's daughter, Katie Albin, who recently died last year from cancer. The group doesn't charge for appearances, but suggests donations to such charities. Hopefully, I'll be able to do some of the visits in the near future.