My Top 10 Moments in Star Wars 2007

This has been popping up on various blogs... 10- - Clone Wars Teaser Trailer This looks to be leaps and bounds better than the cartoons that were released earlier. I'll reserve judgment until I hear more, but there's potential here...

9 - Blue Harvest - The Family Guy Special I saw the early trailer for this and almost died - Family Guy as Star Wars? Stewie as Dark Vader? Absolutely fantastic.

8- Robot Chicken Star Wars Special Even better than the Family Guy version, this threw me on my ass laughing so hard.

7 - R2 D2 Mail Boxes & Postage Stamps None of these made it to Vermont that I could tell, but these were really cool to see pictures of all over the place.

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6 - Death of Mara Jade While this year was pretty lackluster for books, the Legacy series has been interesting, and this seems to have been one of the major milestones with the characters - rarely is such a well known character killed off.

5 - 501st Podcast The 501st started with a podcast updating on events and happenings in the Legion. I'm addicted.

4 - Fanboys Trailer A movie about fans of a movie. This one looks just amazingly funny, especially around when the guys come across a Star Trek convention and oh yeah, Kristen Bell in Slave Leia garb.

3 - Republic Commando: True Colors Easily the best Star Wars book of the year. Karen Traviss is back, and with an even deeper view of the Clones. And, there's one more to go.

2 - Tournament of Roses Parade 2007 200 Canon-accurate storm troopers and officers all marching in step. Oh dear god, I wish I had been there to see that.

1 - 30th Anniversary Stars Wars has turned 30. And still going strong.