Currently Reading

I've got a couple of good books on my plate at the moment that I'm working to finish up and a couple on the way that I'm really looking forward to getting to. My to-read list has surpassed 40 or so books, with a couple being added on, which is both daunting and exciting. Unfortunately, with my degree, I'm not finding a whole lot of time to read, other than when I carpool in the morning and afternoon (generally good for about 50 pages or so each way) and before bed, just before I pass out. Thirteen, Richard K. Morgan.

I'm a big fan of Morgan's. io9 just posted a fantastic interview with him, where he talks a bit about this book, and the state of the world in general. Thirteen (Blackman in the UK)is very similar to the other books of his that I've read, the Takeshi Kovacs trilogy, which is some of the best new SciFi out there. This one reads with a lot more political commentary, which is interesting, and has an overall different tone than some of his other books. I've been sucked into this one, so hopefully just a couple more days before I do a review.

Schulz and Peanuts: A Biography, David Michaelis

This is a comprehensive biography of Charles Schulz, and it goes into an incredible depth into Schulz's character, personality, and life, talking about the creation of his noted comic series Peanuts (the title of which I learned he actually hated with a passion). I'm a big fan of the comics, and his life is proving to be facinating, and I'm finding that there's a lot of his character to which I really relate.

I also just got in the mail:

Homesteading Space: The Skylab Story, David Hitt, Owen Garriott, and Joe Kerwin

I've talked numerous times about the Outward Odyssey series, and this book is the fourth installment, jumping ahead from the lunar missions to Skylab, which I'm really looking forwards to reading about. If the prior books are anything to go by, this will be another facinating history of space exploration. It comes at a fun time, when India has just launched their first moon probe.

A couple others that I've got coming up is:

Blood and Thunder, Hampton Sides Tales of Ten Worlds, Arthur C Clark

And about 40 or so others... Once I finish these, I'll be writing up reviews - I have some things to say about these.