The Clone Returns to the Homeland

I came across this film on io9 earlier today, and it really caught my eye: The Clone Returns to the Homeland. It's a Japanese film that has been rated fairly highly and compared to Andrei Tarkovsky's "Solaris", which is supposed to be one of the best SciFi films out there. I have yet to see it, but I'm a fan of the remake. (A lot of people really didn't like it for some reason - I thought it was brilliant).


The story follows Kohei Takanara, a Japanese astronaut, who is killed in an accident in space. His wife expects compensation, and receives a clone of her late husband in his place, with all of his memories implanted. Unfortunately, the memories haven't settled right, and the clone is fixated on his twin brother's death. From the trailer and plot descriptions that I've been able to find, this one looks like a very good film, on all levels.

Unfortunately, being a Japanese film, it'll take a while to actually reach the US, and will most likely be hard to find. Plus, I don't speak Japanese. That being said, I'll be interested in watching it whenever I can find it.Here's the film's official site.