For Dan and Kate


I think most people will agree with me that this is a celebration that is well overdue and long anticipated by our respective families.
Dan, Kate, you pocess something that has long been sought, but rarely known or experienced amonst those who strive for true love.
In the eight years that I have wittnessed the two of you together, I've watched your love grow and mature with age. Love is not a singular collision of emotion and chemistry; it is a journey, one that must be taken with care and exploration together.
Your marriage tonight is not the top of the mountain, but yet another starting point, a great milestone in your lives.
Dan, Kate, you are facing a future of uncertain surroundings. With the love that you have for one another, you are the steady footing on which you march forward. It will help you through the best of times, and those that are most trying; it is the bright point that has brought you, and your families here together tonight, and may it shine brightly far, far into the future.