This year, I'm thankful... have a have the means to support myself. be able to put food on the table. have the means to enjoy my time. ...for the books that I have read. ...for Blake Charlton, David Forbes, Paul Thompson, Paolo Bacigalupi, N.K. Jemisin, Karin Lowachee, Charles Yu, Neil Gaiman, Ian McDonald, Joe Hill, John Joseph Adams, Christie Yant, Aidian Moher, John Denardo, Brit Mandelo, Annalee Newitz, Charlie Jane Anders, and John Scalzi. ...for io9, SF Signal, and Blastr. ...for The Walking Dead, Stargate Universe, Caprica, Castle, House and Fringe. ...for my family being close by. ...for the road cone that by brother left on top of my car as a prank. ...for the internet's rage to correct things that are wrong. ...that I haven't been attacked because of my race, religion or by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. car works. ...the City of Montpelier and its three bookshops that I regularly visit. ...the libraries in the area, and the librarians I've worked with. ...the stories that I've found of Norwich alumni in Belgium. ...for the sacrifices that they made. ...the students and people who I work with who actually take responsiblity for their lives. ...for my the strides that I've taken with my writing. ...for the gigs that I've gotten. ...for my education, and how it's changed my outlook on the world.

...most of all, for Megan. I would give up everything above for her.