Before and Away


2011 had its moments. I did some excellent troops with the 501st, read some awesome books and generally got to geek out about some neat things. Started work with Lightspeed Magazine, and published my first article with Armchair General, submitted another couple for publication, which will happen in the next couple of months / at some point in 2012. Went to Belgium, worked on an awesome bit of research. Got married to a wonderful girl.

I'll skip over the down points. Suffice to say, there were some very difficult points that tested my will and resolve in a lot of ways. Take the bad, learn, and move forward.

2012 looks to be an interesting year. Our wedding is coming up (for the rest of the family), work with freelance publications is beginning to pick up, and I've got some cool plans coming up for the first part of 2012.

This year, I'm going to:

  • Continue work on large project. Finish large project. Begin next step of large project.
  • Begin, research, write and collaborate with Megan on a cool historical project.
  • Write, submit, and repeat.
  • Learn, move forward, and continue.
  • Conceptualize, plot, plan and outline the next large project.