And Another Thing

Over on SF Signal, I've organized and launched a new column that will focus on the science fiction community as a whole. Yesterday, I started off with my take on the LucasFilm/Disney news, and today, Charles Tan has a great post on eBooks.  SF Signal recently won a Hugo Award for Best Fanzine, a major accomplishment. While there's quite a bit of news, book reviews and other similar features, there's really no great outlet to think about and comment on the goings-on that happen within Fandom. Generally, the Podcast takes several weeks to set up, record, produce and release, often after much of the talk has run its course. (This isn't to say that the site's podcast is bad at this.) ...And Another Thing will be tapping into the group of SF Signal Irregulars, all of whom are able to talk with authority on SF fandom and just about everything that it does. It should be an interesting read as time goes on!