War Stories Anthology

The War Stories Anthology Kickstarter launches in an hour from now. Thank you to everyone who's gotten excited about this project, spread the word, submitted stories and generally put up with us blabbing about it for so long. After a year of planning, it's finally coming together!

I'll be posting up a link to the Kickstarter once it's live. The project is now live!  If you like Military Science Fiction, or just science fiction in general, please consider taking a look, and sharing word of this with people you know. We have a ton of excellent authors lined up with stories for this book, and it doesn't happen without support of friends, family, fans and the crowd as a whole.

Both my co-editor (Jaym Gates) and I feel that Military SF is an important conduit for readers: there's a real lack of understanding between the military and civilian worlds, and we hope that science fiction will be a good way to bridge the gap, and provide some understanding for the real complicated nature of warfare and its impact on the rest of the world.