Hugo Nominations Period

The nominations period for the Hugo Awards are now open! This year's World Science Fiction convention will be held in London. Nominations are open through March 31st.

If anyone's so inclined to nominate my column for Kirkus Reviews, you're welcome to do so - the posts can be considered for Best Related Work. I'm very proud of the work I did this year, covering an interesting range of science fiction, fantasy and horror authors. For reference, here's the segment of columns eligible this year:

In the meantime, there's a couple of books that I really want to recommend for Best Novel:

  • Ancillary Justice, Ann Leckie: I'm confident that this one will end up on the final ballot, and I really hope that it wins. It's a stunning book, my favorite of the year.
  • The Violent Century, Lavie Tidhar: Tidhar's latest is another stunning novel, one that's an excellent story in and of itself, but also a fantastic, critical look at our own culture.
  • The Shining Girls, Lauren Beukes: Beukes novel is a great, engaging read. Great characters, wonderful time travel narrative.
  • NOS4A2, Joe Hill: Hill's latest reminds me of Beukes in a lot of ways. This one is masterfully written.
  • Love Minus Eighty, Will McIntosh: I'm a huge fan of McIntosh's books, and this is certainly an interesting and emotional take on technology.
  • Abaddon's Gate, James S.A. Corey: It's an Expanse novel: that means awesome. The first missed out on a Hugo, but this one should be considered.
  • You, Austin Grossman: Like Tidhar, Grossman's fantastic at penning a great tale while looking deeply at our own culture.
  • The Golem & the Jinn, Helene Wecker: Currently reading this one. Wonderfully written, great characters and story.

For Best Semiprozine, I'd highly recommend Lightspeed Magazine, where I work, as well as John Joseph Adams for Best Editor, Short Form.

So, go, nominate!