New Military Science-Fiction Anthology Takes War Seriously

Andrew Liptak - MATTHEW THORSEN This was pretty cool: Seven Days, the local weekly paper here in Vermont, interviewed me last week about my work on War Stories, Geek Mountain State and the 501st New England Garrison.

Forget whatever preconceived notions you may have about a science fiction anthology that was coedited by a Norwich University administrator who has a master's degree in military history and a hobby of dressing up as a Star Wars Imperial Stormtrooper.

The 23 short works in War Stories: New Military Science Fiction, released last week by Apex Publications, aren't some lame rip-offs of The Clone Wars. Nor are they tales of a boy and his robotic, mine-sniffing dog or cartoonish shoot-'em-ups about cyborg marines who shout, "Once more unto the breach!" before jumping to hyperspace at the edges of black holes.

Instead, what Norwich University's Andrew Liptak has pulled together — along with his coeditor, Jaym Gates — is a collection of lean, absorbing and well-executed prose that was authored, in part, by those who have experienced war firsthand or have a working familiarity with military life.


Read the full article here. I'm not sure where the Edward Snowden reference came from, but overall, the entire article was a really flattering profile and a great look at War Stories.