The Pioneering Clare Winger Harris

I have a short post up this week at Kirkus Reviews. I've been looking at writing more about some of the women who wrote in the genre, and came across one, Clare Winger Harris, who seems to have been one of the earliest, at least under her own name. There's not much out there about her, but she proves to be a really interesting subject.

Go read The Pioneering Clare Winger Harris over on Kirkus Reviews.


  • Time Machines: The Story of the Science-Fiction Pulp Magazines from the Beginning to 1950, by Mike Ashley. Ashley's books are excellent. A bit pedantic, but great sources for this era of science fiction history. There's some good information here.
  • Partners in Wonder: Women and the birth of science fiction, 1926-1965 by Eric Leif Davin. There's some weird complications with this book, but it's overall a good source to work from. This has some good information on Harris and her career.


  • Clare Winger Harris. This site has a lot of information about Harris. There's no sources, but I've seen enough cross-connections with other places that make me think that it's accurate.
  • Harris, Clare Winger. The SFE has a succinct, useful post.