Help The Shelburne House

A while back, I posted up a post about one of our members in the New England Garrison: Peter Allen, asking for people to donate to a fund to help as he went into hospice care after suffering from ALS. People came through in a great way.

As an incentive, I told people that if they donated, I'd send along a perk: a copy of War Stories: New Military Science Fiction. Let's do the same thing for the Shelburne House. This is a house that specializes in mental health services for young boys between the ages of 8-12.

Our program is home to three amazing boys that have worked through so much this year. Our residents have experienced trauma and childhoods that were not able to reflect the positive experiences during the holiday season. This fact is a major drive in why we want to raise money this year. We strive to able to provide these boys with a holiday to remember, and to restructure their ideas of what the holidays are really about. This fund me page is more then just monetary donations, its a way to prove to these boys that they are loved and supported. It is a way to prove to them that they can trust and lean on others. Most importantly, it is to show these boys are they live in a world that is good and that they have things to look forward to in their lives.

Funds from this project will go to the purchasing of gifts for the boys during the holiday such as: clothes, shoes, art supplies, winter gear, yoga balls, new sports equipment, Magic cards, meditation pillows, certificates for art and martial arts classes, yoga classes and so on.

All gifts are chosen to not only help in their treatment, but to cater to the individual interests of each resident in a therapeutic way.

They'll take the money that they raise, and purchase a bunch of gifts and clothes for the boys currently under their care. These gifts in turn, will be delivered by members of the 501st Legion's New England Garrison.

They need some help, and if you can, I'll send you a copy of War Stories:

If you make a donation of $30 or more, I’ll send you a copy of War Stories: New Military Science Fiction. If you’re you’re from outside the United States, donate at least $15 and I’ll get you an ebook copy (Sorry, shipping books internationally is just too time consuming and annoying). Here’s what you can do:

  1. Make the donation.
  2. Take a screenshot or forward me your receipt for said donation, and an address where I can mail you the book.
  3. I’ll send you a copy of the book. (And maybe another random one as well!)

My e-mail address is: liptakaa [at] gmail[dot]com.

Thanks in advance.