Don't You Give Up On Me, Lissie Here's an album I'm really looking forward to: Lissie's Wild West, due out in February. The lead single is Don't You Give Up On Me, which is a really catchy track from the first bit of guitar work to the chorus. Her debut album, Catching a Tiger is a great rock album that you really should listen to.

It's been years since I've done any sort of proper music blogging. I miss it, because it put my ear to the ground and forced me to listen to a ton of new and upcoming artists. That's actually how I got my start as a blogger: before I got into reviewing science fiction, I listened to a lot of music, and went to a lot of concerts. 

I sort of stopped when I started focusing on science fiction, because I'd hit a point where I realized that I had to either commit to it full or part time (hard, when I was only really doing it on lunch breaks, and with no internet), and because there's only so many ways that you can describe an angsty, bearded artist wielding an acoustic guitar.

But, I've got some time now, and I've missed discovering new artists. I doubt that I'll ever return to actual music criticism, but there's plenty of albums out there that I want to share.