Morning Bugle - Aoife O'Donovan

Growing up, a stereo was a fixture in our living room. Laden down with vinyl records, cassette tapes and later CDs, it made sure that there was some music in the house. Artist such as Alison Krauss and Union Station (So Long, So Wrong is one of my favorite albums), Enya (her album Watermark is one that I will *never* get tired of), Nanci Griffith (Other Voice, Other Rooms), Gordon Lightfoot (Where to start with his albums?), Fleetwood Mac (Greatest Hits) and a whole bunch of others fill me with an incredible sense of nostalgia.

I *despise* A Prairie Home Companion, but I'll catch snippets of it while driving - this past weekend, they had a song that made me stop dead: a cover of John Hartford's Morning Bugle, sung by Aoife O'Donovan. I hadn't come across her before, but it was a song that fit in that same vein of nostalgia from my childhood. I promptly bought her latest album, In The Magic Hour, which I've really been enjoying.