Natural History Museum, Tower of London and Canterbury

Those are the three main places that I visited over Saturday, Sunday and Monday, which was a really fun bunch of locations to hit, all in a couple of days. Katie Bell, from Lexia, the program that I'm studying through, came by to visit while inspecting the program. She just left, on her way to Paris and then Rome. All three locations were amazing, lots of fun to go to.

Natural History Museum: Took me a little while to get to this place, because of some work on the Tube, but I ended up getting there on time for a couple of really cool images.

The museum is set in a really cool building, several stories. As the title suggests, there quite a bit to do with the natural sciences there- Most importantly, Dinosaurs and rocks, which is what I focused on while I was there. It was a mistake, however, to visit on a weekend, because all the parents brought their young kids to see the skeletons, and there were lines, which was a bit of a problem. However, the Mineral and Meteorite rooms were easy to get through, which were really cool to see.

Tower of London: Will and I met up with Katie on Sunday to see this, one of the old fortresses in the city, where a couple of monarchs ruled from, and was a military center. It's essentially a castle. Rooms have been restored, armor is on display and the crown jewels are stored there, which was very glittery, and with very heavy security.

Canterbury: Canterbury was out latest excursion out of the city. We got on a train and rode down to the town to see the Cathedral and learn a little of the history of the place. I'm not religous to any stretch, but the building is one of the most impressive buildings that I've been in yet. It's huge, although it looks much bigger from the interior, with high vaulted ceilings and incredible decorations and details. My pictures don't do the thing justice.

Picked up a book called The Constant Gardener, by John le Carre for the train ride, which is proving to be an outstanding novel so far. Highly recommended.

I've uploaded my most recent images here and here.