How I see the World

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I've been thinking of getting back into photoblogging. It's a lot easier now that I actually know where my camera is, and have started using it again.

A disclaimer: I have no proper training on how to use a camera, not since I took an afterschool program class in the 4th grade, where I thought it'd be cool to take pictures from an angle. It was never something that I really followed in high school, to my great regret now, although a couple of friends were involved with that.

But I digress - the pictures that I take are things that strike me as interesting, the little things that make up something else. I grew tired of seeing touristy pictures with two people grinning in front of a monument. Those pictures have their place, but not for me. That was my inspiration for the London Blog, which I've since taken down. These will be much more random, although hopefully, just as interesting.

The address is :, and is the link on the side called a quick view from the far side of the galaxy. If you happen to poke your head in, let me know what you think.

In addition, all the photos that I take are going onto a program called Flickr, and can be seen here: . Facebook's great, but this is easier to use, and I think going over 20 albums of just random stuff that not everyone will be interested in is just a little ridiculous.