Love! And Snow!

Anyone here a fan of the Beatles? Who isn't? Recently, they've released yet another album - this one entitled Love, which is the soundtrack to a Las Vegas show. Sounds very tacky, but with the former Beatles producer at the helm, and with the blessing of the two remaining Beatles, this is a simply amazing listen.

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What they did is take 26 tracks from the album and went back to the original outtakes, as well as mixed in a number of other elements from other songs. There's something like 48 of their songs wrapped up here in this album, whether it's a drum beat or something.
The result is phenomenal - this is the Beatles as you've never heard them, and the sound is great. It's fast, deep, rich and created with quite a bit of care. Unlike their Beatles 1 album, this is a better spectrum of their works, and the album flows from song to song almost effortlessly. I've asked my sister for this for christmas, and plan on getting this for a couple of other people. If you haven't listened to it, do so. It's really, really good.

And I woke up to one of the best things that I can think of- the ground is covered in an inch or so of fresh snow. It's quite something to wake up and see the landscape an entirely different color. And you can't go wrong with snow.

Just a couple more weeks of school, and the semester will be over. It's going by fast.