Meet Tiki

This summer has been a busy one for Megan and I. In June, we bought a house, and we've been working on the various things that go into that - upgrading and replacing some of the things that we have, unpacking and generally sprucing the place up a bit. It's been an adventure. One of the things that the two of us wanted was a dog, and right after we moved, we started looking around. The first couple of weeks were hard - we would find dogs that we really liked online, only to find that they'd been adopted pretty quickly out from under us, until we came across a dog at Justice for Dogs in northern Vermont: Tiki. We drove up to visit, and he warmed up to the two of us right away: a bundle of lovable energy. We filled out the paperwork, and later that week, we brought him home.

He was a bit nervous about us at first, but within a week, we found that he was completely at home, loving the yard, barking at anything that he realized was near the house. It's been a bit of a trip, because while both Megan and I have owned dogs, this is the first time that we've had one for ourselves.

Tiki's full of personality: he's a bit mischevious, and we've discovered a really fun personality with him. Stepping out of the house and leaving him on his own, outside of his cage, we'll find that he'll pick up and drop our shoes around the house, and push his rope bone at me when he wants to play. He'll stand and stare at us, and when we don't pick up on his telepathic demands, he has a funny growl to get our attention. The couch has become 'his', and no matter how much space is left on it, he'll find a way to take up as much as possible.

Already, it seems like he's been with Megan and I forever, and I can't be happier for a better friend.