Leaf Tea and Carbon Wood

Carbon Leaf was up last night, so I went up to see them again for the second time. I left after school and drove up to Church Street. Bought a couple of new comics- Astonishing X-Men #12, the end of Joss Whedon's run with them, in which I really need to pick up the first nine issues, because what I've read is amazing. I also got the Amazing Spiderman 523, which completely blew my socks off. Amazing art and story. I then went over to Quiznos where I hung out with a couple of friends working there. On the way back to my car, I ran into a band that I've listened to for as long as I can remember, the Wood's Tea Co. which my parents listened to a lot when I was young, and a band that I've always liked. Because I had time, I sat and listened to them for a while. Great folk band with some great songs.
From there, I went to the main event of the evening, the Steve Kellogg and the Sixers and Carbon Leaf. I arrived at about 8:30 and there was already a huge line. I got in line, got my tickets and hung around for a while. Steve Kellogg's band came on, and they were a very fun band to listen to. I'm definently going to look into their stuff further. They looked like they were having an incredible time up on stage, and had a huge amount of energy to boot.
There was a stage switch that probably lasted around twenty or so minutes, then Carbon Leaf came on stage to a lot of applause. I had chills down my spine, as they started Changeless, Let Your Troubles Roll By, The Boxer, One Prarie Outpost, Screen Door, Life Less Ordinary. They talked for a couple more minutes, then continued with Ordinary Eyes, I Know the Reason, Desperation Song, This is My Song, Happy Birthday (for someone in the audiance), A new song called Porpoise, Torn to Tattered, Paloma. They then left, came back on for a very long ovation, then did a random song, then finished up with What About Everything?. They were amazing, did some awesome numbers of songs, loved their new song and just being there. With the Steve Kellogg Band, people sang along with some of the songs that they covered, but with Carbon Leaf, the audiance, me included, sang just about every song that they did. It was a very cool feeling. They didn't play Mary Mac, which was a little disapointing.
They ended at about midnight, and I got back home at one, my ears ringing something bad. I wasn't standing next to a speaker or anything, but I was so tired that it didn't matter. I flopped into bed and was out in a couple seconds. It was an awesome night.