Stormtrooper Activities

The things that you never see Storm Troopers do: Cleaning their uniforms. That's what I got to doing today. With Celebration 3 coming up fast, I've been meaning to getting my armor in shape for the Convention. in the year or so that I've had it, it's gone through a bit of use, and it's in need of repairs. The joints are held together by velcro, which makes it easy to assemble, but after a while, the adhesive degrades and falls off, which is a pain when it's being worn, and it'd be annoying to deal with during the Convention. So, I spent several hours scrapping off the goo left behind by the velcro, sanded down the areas, now I'd like to rip all of it off and superglue it down to the armor. That'd be the optimal solution, I just need to find some... 25 more days until the convention.
Really need to get working on my Stratigraphy project, maybe I'll completely finish my map and start working on the cores. I also need to pick up an article from the library, which I ordered through Interlibrary loan earlier this week for a project that I'll be working on next semester.
I'll pick it up when I go over to Upper Harmon to watch SciFi's movie of the week, which is starring Bruce Campbell. While I'm not expecting anything for quality (Although surprises do happen) I think this will be a funny one to watch. The Chin himself killing green aliens. Hopefully he'll have a shotgun with him.
Back to scraping...