Trip Pictures!

One of the girls that was on the trip, Stacy, put a number of pictures on CD, which I've been able to get up online thanks to the wonderful Here's a handful of them:

Fire Canyon

More of Fire Canyon- Red Rocks are the Windgate Formation

Snow Canyon - Petrified Dunes

Us. Gred, Meegan, O'Neill, Kris and Me, Stacy Missing

Mesa, near St. George

Road to the Grand Canyon, Cinder Cone in the background

Grand Canyon. Professor Dunn in Corner

Greg trapped

Dangerous Trail

Trek Down- Me and Prof. Dunn in Center, Greg and Jason in Foreground

The Colorado River

Crossbedding at Zion National Park

Entire Group: (Top) Jason, Prof. Westerman, Kris, Prof Dunn. (Bottom) Me, Meegan, Stacy and Greg at Zion (Eh picture of me...)

Hoover Dam

That's the first bit, more to come later!