New Music

I've gotten the chance to listen to several new things recently, a new band and a couple of things that were introduced to me recently. The other night, I picked up a CD called Ex-Girlfriends, by a band called Low Millions that I've had my eyes on recently. I liked them enough to get their CD, and I've been listening to it since. They've got a good sound and sense of music.

The second band that I've been listening to is Carbon Leaf, which Rachel told me about. It turned out that I've actually heard some of their songs and have liked them, but I hadn't known who sang them. It also turns out that they're playing in this area soon, at the Higher Ground. They're Irish, and have a pretty cool sound about them.

The third is the Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Soundtrack, which mysteriously appeared on my computer. (...) I haven't listened to anything beyond the main title, which is pretty good thus far, but I've heard from some people that it seems to borrow a lot from other works that John Williams has done, which worries me a little. Hopefully it will turn out to be okay, but I doubt that it will top the Original Trilogy's soundtracks.

That's all for now. Work to do... 8 days until Celebration 3!