2nd Trip of the Week

Just got back from another geology trip this week. This time, we went to southern Vermont, near Rutland, where we took a look at some folds and faults. It was much better than a regular lab, being outside in the sun, that was lots of fun. The only problem- I woke up at 0915 after my alarm didn't go off, and I had to get to school by 0930. After making lunch and taking out the trash. That was an interesting ride to school, but I wasn't the last person to get there. Listened to some music on a CD that I burned the previous night, slept a little, looked at rocks in the sunlight with no snow to be found. Yep, good day.
I've been listening to Carbon Leaf and Low Millions compulsively. Two great bands. I think that I'm going to try and see Carbon Leaf the 27th. It's be a shame to miss a band that I like when they're so close. Vermont's not exactly the high point in concert tours, although we do get some people every now and then. I've found that between their main site and amazon.com, I've gotten about 3 hours of their music, including a couple of full CDs.