The Night Of...

Wow, time really flies. I'm always amazed at how it does that. It's the eve of Celebration 3. Man, I have been waiting for an entire year for this, ever since it was first announced, and I promised myself that I'll be headed out to it. It's too big of a thing to miss, and I absolutely cannot wait to get there. My flights are perfect. I'm flying out of Burlington at 0710 tomorrow morning, getting to Philadelphia at 0830, arriving in Indianapolis at around 1203, according to my eTicket. The way out, I have an afternoon flight and will be getting home at around 2200 hrs. My dad was saying that the next couple days are just going to fly by, and that's slightly unfortunent.
I started signing up for shifts to work on, and I'll post those later tonight for anyone who's going. I'm going to try and change a couple around, because I accidently signed my self up for a couple of six hour stretches, which might get a little too annoying and a REALLY long time while in armor.
The armor is all packed, primary pack in the car, carryon packed up with various things to be signed, as well as the CDs, book and other things that I'm bringing onto the Airplane to keep myself occupied. I also stuck the digital camera that I borrowed in, as well as a notebook with various addresses and things of that nature. I've packed all of my Jan Duursema comics, for she's coming in and told me to bring things in to get signed. Pens are numerous. Money as well, for the hotel and the things that might catch my eye. I'm thinking a t-shirt or two, maybe a figure or something or a photo with someone.
Drove into Montpelier with Hilary earlier to pick up money. We were talking about how annoyed everyone is on campus at being stuck there for Junior Ring Ball, (The school is restricting Corps Freshmen and Sophtomores to campus for the Junior Ring celebration this weekend.) so I offered her a ride in to get off campus. I picked up a a CD by Carbon Leaf, Indian Summer, which is outstanding. They have some tracks streaming on their website here. I'd highly recommend it. Great band. Hopefully I'll have enough money after this to go see them when the play up here this week. I think that I should. Ben & Jerry's had their free cone day and about a hundred people were in line to get free ice cream. Crazy, and I get to laugh at my brother, who works at the main B&J plant over in Waterbury. I heard that it was swamped.
What else... I stuck a new site tracker on this. I had a counter before, and reached somewhere around 4000 or so, but that's all that it does. This new one tells where the computer is (Just the server, such as a school or AOL) and the country. Apparently, people from Canada, France, Spain, Germany, the UK and Iceland all visit. That's a cool thing to learn. Don't worry, I'm not going to use that info for anything, it's just a curiosity.

Current Music: Life Less Ordinary, Carbon Leaf