Summer Work

Last day of classes! Finally, I'm almost a Junior and done with the semester. Still have exams to work on though, so let's hope that those will go okay. I can't wait for summer vacation. Already, I have two major jobs lined up, which is outstanding. The first, for most of May is working at KAS Environmental, the company where my dad works. Apparently, they're understaffed and over worked, so he said that they're hiring me to help with some of the reports and field work that they need done. It'll be good for the time that I'm not doing anything.
Today, I got a job offer from Jon, my boss over the summer, and he wants to interview me for the Village Director postition. I'm very thrilled with that. At camp, the kids are broken down into age groups, or villages, of which there are four. Each village has six or so cabins, which has a varying number of kids depending on the village, from six to twelve. The village director doesn't have any kids to manage, but they oversee the entire group, managing the staff of the village, as well as various activities and discipline issues that the counselors cannot deal with. They get their own cabin, as well as a radio. This will be my sixth year at camp, and I hope that I will be a) given the job, and b) if I do get it, I hope that I can deal with it. It's not an easy job, but it's one that I'd like to do. I can't wait for Camp, it's an excellent job and I really enjoy going back there every year.
And now, finals to study for.