End of Work, Start of Another

It was my last day at KAS today. It was sad leaving. I've grown really attached to the people who work there, and I believe that I've made some good friends with them. I've also learned a lot from the company, not only with work related things, but some personal things that I needed worked out. And geology/groundwater stuff of course. It was a fun four weeks, and I made a bit of money. I'm thinking of getting an iPod tomorrow, I guess we'll see. An Apple dealer near where I live is having a sort of sale, so it's got a slightly reduced price, but also a small speaker thing with it, which would be handy.
Going out tomorrow with some friends that I haven't seen in a while. It'll be good to be among proper villians again.

X&Y and Stuff...

Have been having some fun with the paycheck. I got some new clothes over the weekend, which were really needed, and it's been time for a change of pace anyway. Picked up Everyday, so I now have all of the DMB studio albums. It's like 9 hours of straight up Dave Matthew's on my computer. Good stuff. Everyday was pretty good, although it's too mainstream sounding for them.
Coldplay's new album, X&Y, is much better, a really good listen, and a great followup to Rush of Blood to the Head. They're one of the few bands that I pretty much like everything that they've done, although there are some songs that I don't care too much for. Thus far, Square One, White Shadows, Talk, X&Y, Speed of Sound and Twisted Logic are my favorites from this one.
This week is my last one at KAS Inc. On Sunday, I'm going to be starting my next job at YMCA Camp Abnaki, and for the most part, I'll be on hiatus for most of the summer, with occasional updates, probably once or twice a week. I can't wait for the kids and staff to arrive.
I hung out with fellow Geek Squad (NOT affiliated with those craptacular hacks at Best Buy- they stole our name) members, Sam and Blackwell, up in Burlington last night, played some Halo 2, caught up on current events with Beep, who manages to vanish for weeks at a time before bothering to tell anyone. Great to see the two of them again, and can't wait until we're all back at camp. Because I'm going to be Admin Staff this year, I'm up a week before them.

And why the fuck are women in Vermont so few and always attached?


So, it's been a busy couple of days this week at KAS. I've been up in the area for a couple days now, having spent the night over at my friend Sam's house, mainly to get a couple extra hours of sleep, avoiding the 4-4:30 wake up that my dad had planned, for he was getting to work really early. I got up, drove to work, promptly dropped the car off at the wrong car dealership to get looked at for an inspection. The people at Berlin City were kind of confused about this...
Work for the past two days has seemed a bit long. I've had three reports that I've been working on at the same time, in two different states. That's pretty interesting, but it's hard to juggle them at different times while I wait for maps. I was just able to finish two projects, because Doug just handed me the maps.
The LOST finale is on tonight, as I've found and confirmed with two co-workers who are fairly big fans of the show. I probably won't see it, unless I happen to get a tape, which might happen, but dammit, I want to see what's in the hatch and what that monster looks like. I guess we'll see in a couple hours. I'll defininently check out the official site later tonight to see if they posted up a new summary. It's awesome having several people in the office who are really into SciFi shows and movies.

Just found this off of Karen Traviss's weblog: She's been contracted to write three more City of Pearl Novels, bringing the total up to six. I must say, I think that she's my favorite author at this point, and I've very excited for this.
And, Coldplay's got a new album coming in a couple weeks. Can't wait to listen to that.

Revenge of the Sith

So I saw Revenge of the Sith early this morning, at 1215. I haven't written a review yet, although I'm hoping to review it by this weekend.

BUT, the bottom like is that I thought that it was outstanding, and it completely met my expectations. The action, visuals, story and even acting was even better than the other prequel movies. It's just good. Very good.

And I was on the front page of the major newspaper for Vermont, as well as two TV news reports. That was pretty cool, although I'm really not sure I'm used to that type of attention, and a ton of people have IMed me or e-mailed me about it.

Fun and my review will be up and around this weekend. Now, sleep, for I spend an entire day in the field and the same for tomorrow. I need more sleep.

The Night Before

So the final Star Wars movie is about to come out. Tomorrow night. I can't wait, and for the first time ever, I'm going to a showing opening night showing. I absolutely cannot wait. I was called by one of the larger Vermont newspapers, The Burlington Free Press, about the movie, and about fandom in general. I talked to a reporter for about ten, fifteen minutes, and they said that they'll be sending out a photographer out tomorrow to take some photographs of me in armor. Should be interesting.
Work's also going well. I went to New Hampshire today to do some work, measuring the water levels and analysing the water in two seperate sites. Very cool stuff. I'm really liking this job, except for the getting up at 5:30 part, but I guess that I'll get used to that.
And finally, Arrested Developement is one of the best shows on TV now.

Summer Work

Last day of classes! Finally, I'm almost a Junior and done with the semester. Still have exams to work on though, so let's hope that those will go okay. I can't wait for summer vacation. Already, I have two major jobs lined up, which is outstanding. The first, for most of May is working at KAS Environmental, the company where my dad works. Apparently, they're understaffed and over worked, so he said that they're hiring me to help with some of the reports and field work that they need done. It'll be good for the time that I'm not doing anything.
Today, I got a job offer from Jon, my boss over the summer, and he wants to interview me for the Village Director postition. I'm very thrilled with that. At camp, the kids are broken down into age groups, or villages, of which there are four. Each village has six or so cabins, which has a varying number of kids depending on the village, from six to twelve. The village director doesn't have any kids to manage, but they oversee the entire group, managing the staff of the village, as well as various activities and discipline issues that the counselors cannot deal with. They get their own cabin, as well as a radio. This will be my sixth year at camp, and I hope that I will be a) given the job, and b) if I do get it, I hope that I can deal with it. It's not an easy job, but it's one that I'd like to do. I can't wait for Camp, it's an excellent job and I really enjoy going back there every year.
And now, finals to study for.