Check out day was today. Everything went well until about an hour into checkout, when a couple campers were almost killed by a runaway trailer. My village is at the bottom of a slope, not very steep. A road borders the village on two sides, and the woods border the other two sides. The cabins are looped in a crecent shape around the woods side, and one cabin is in the middle of that cresent.
During check out, we use a tractor and trailer to move luggage and things around the camp, allowing us to move things much more quickly than carrying them by hand. We recently got a new trailer, about twenty feet long with four wheels. Today, when the tractor went up the slope above my village, the pin that held it onto the tractor slipped off, and the trailer, being well balanced, started going backwards. In the village, kids were milling around, waiting for their parents. A couple of people were in cabin Caspian, and a group of six or so girls were sitting in a circle talking. I noticed a couple of them getting up quickly, and noticed the trailer coming back. I then noticed that the tractor was not attached to it, and it was rolling out of control towards the girls. I yelled at them to jump, move and run, which they all did. One girl barely made it out of the way. I jumped out of the way, and yelled at the two kids standing on Caspian's porch to move, and they were pulled out of the way by the councelor inside. I remember everything happening in slow motion, and the porch didn't even stop the thing. It demolished it, and stopped when it hit the cabin. Everything happened in less than a minute.

I don't remember exactly what happened after that. I remember running to the girl who was nearly crushed, made sure that she was okay, then to the kids in the cabin, who were really shaken. By then, everyone else in the area had run over, counselors and kids, and we told them to back up.

I'm still shaking. We almost lost a camper, maybe more. Evan said that I saved their lives by alerting them. That doesn't help anything though, knowing that... I'm just glad that everyone's okay.