Fun in the Sun

Another camp update, a bit late this time around. I've tried to update a couple times, but the internet is fairly slow.
It's now Session 1 here at camp, and things are going decently, at least on my end. My village, Mehkoa, is doing really well, and we have a number of really good campers in the village this session. I have three great Senior Counselors, one that's having a bit of trouble, and some good Junior counselors and CITs.
My dad has turned out to be an outstanding resource for me. Working at KAS, he's a manager, and supervisor for several people. I've called him a couple of times with questions about how to deal with a couple certain people in my village, and his advice was very helpful. I'm having one problem counselor that I had to talk to today with my supervisor. We had a good talk, put some things out that needed to be said, learned some things and made our expectations pretty clear.
The CITs are turning out to be a really good group, most of them. One's having problems with several things, but the other four are outstanding. They had their night off last night and they ended up playing Halo in my cabin for a little while. I killed them in one game with two more of them, then got killed with one on one. They said that they really enjoyed it and missed my village.
Classes are going well. I'm teaching Climbing with my supervisor, Rhet, who's awesome, keeping me on my feet and trying to make the class better than before.
Next session should be very busy. I think that every cabin in camp will be filled completely. Should be very fun.