The World Before

Cold's starting to go away slowly, but it's still a pain in the ass-- and head.

I forgot one book when I put up the list of notable upcoming ones, something that I can't believe that I did.

It's Karen Traviss's The World Before, which is definently going to be the best one of the fall. The last two have been outstanding, and I'm really looking forwards to this one.

Three strikingly different alien races greeted the military mission from Earth when it reached the planet called Bezer'ej. Now one of the sentient species has been exterminated -- and two others are poised on the brink of war.

The fragile Bezeri
are no more, due to the ignorant, desperate actions of human interlopers. The powerful wess'har protectors have failed in their sworn obligation to the destroyed native population -- and the outrage must be redressed.
But those who are coming to judge from the World Before -- the home planet, now distant and alien to the
Wess'har, whose ancestors left there generations ago -- will not restrict their justice to the individual humans responsible for the slaughter. Earth itself must answer for the genocide. And its ultimate fate may depend on a dead woman: former police officer Shan Frankland, who became something far greater than human before destroying herself in the vast airless depths of space.

Karen's definently my favorite novelist of contemperary scifi. If you haven't check out City of Pearl and Crossing the Line. Both amazing novels.