Random Things

First, some very interesting things from Chris Buchanan on the official Firefly boards. It looks like a Firefly soundtrack is seriously in the works!

I can confirm that serious discussions about a "Firefly" soundtrack are taking place. Long time coming, I know! Stay tuned.

Outstanding news! The Firefly music is some of the more interesting TV music that I've ever really listened to, with a huge variety of sound, from folk, world and random other things thrown in. It'll be a certain pickup for any fan, that's for sure.

Other things. A while ago, I found a trailer for a movie called Elizabethtown, starring Orlando Bloom and Kirstin Dunst. On the first viewing, it was a little bit of a turn off, because I'm not really one for romantic movies. However, a trailer was released, more of a feature, on the music, and through that, they showed a bit of the movie and what it was about. Much more interested this time around. Looking more closely at it, it reminds me quite a bit of Garden State, one of my favorite movies. From what I've found out about it, a guy has a bad turn of luck. The company that he runs fails due to mistakes, and he's out of a job. On top of that, he learns that his father died, over in Kentucky, and he goes out to get his body to bring it home. There, he meets a number of relatives and sees a completely different side to his family. On the plane ride over, he meets a flight attendant, played by Dunst, who he falls in love with and as a result, pulls his life together.
Sounds and feels very similar to Garden State, which is a huge plus for this. Not sure about Bloom, although he could pull through and do some decent acting. Plot's a little lacking, but it could very well be interesting. Some of the imagry, like the on the road parts look very well done. The soundtrack is also extremely well done, well thought out and picked out, another very cool thing. I picked it up this morning, and it's proving to be an excellent listen. I'll probably end up seeing this sometime when it comes out.

Now, for homework.

14 Days until Serenity! And thus starts the epic Firefly Marathon. Starting with the pilot episode: Serenity.