I think that the weirdest thing that I saw was at the covered bridges. It's about 5-8 miles to campus, and inbetween my house and Northfield Falls there's a trio of covered bridges. Very nice for the tourists and leaf peepers. This morning as I rode through, there was an entire group of people dressed in really old fashion clothing- bonnets, broad hats, long beards, colorful shirts. I'm not sure if they were an Amish group passing through or something, but it was definently something different. I've also been doing a lot of writing in the past weeks. Poetry mostly, based on things that I've been doing or various mindsets that I've been on. I've taken to carrying the blue notebook with them in it where ever I go, and near my bed at night. I've just been finding something to inspire some writing, and it's really handy to keep close at hand.

Now, U.S. Diplomacy History exam.