I learned how to play Warhammer tonight. Or rather, started to learn. It's a complicated game.
I'm used to playing Dungeons and Dragons, a fantasy roleplaying game, where the player is essentially an actor in a story, ruled by how well you can roll dice. For the past six years, I've played at camp, a little at school, but not too much. Warhammer is similar, but it's a miniatures game, where you have a small figure that represents a soldier on the battlefield, and you roll attacks, and move based on preset stats. It's interesting, a bit fun to play. I've been slightly turned off of the game due to some of the obsessings over it by some members of the Tactics club, but I'm coming around a bit. Hopefully I'll be slightly more competent next time. I got beaten pretty badly this time around.
Found a new band- Great Big Sea. They've got some really good stuff, right up there with Carbon Leaf in sound and texture.