I Hate Stupid People

It's a well known fact that I really dislike math. And this semester, I'm taking Math 101, which is pretty boring. I get most of the material, but it's presented in a way that's extremely un interesting.
What really gets me, that even though this is an entry class, there are a good number of people in my class that just don't get the material. Actually, they don't get much of anything. Every single class, I get to hear about how hard the material is, how the teacher isn't spoon feeding them enough and how he's never in his office. PLEASE, shut up and stop complaining!
The main thing that gets me is that every class, instead of listening to the teacher, a lot of the students spend their time sleeping, or second guessing the professor, asking pretty basic questions before he's even finished, and not thinking their questions through to get the answer to what they're asking on their own.
Today, one of the rooks (Freshmen Cadets) stood up and basically told the teacher that he was impossible to reach and that he couldn't get a tutor to teach him the material. 1- Even though he's got office hours, he's still got e-mail dumbass. 2- Tutors don't teach, they tutor. You have to do the work yourself, we don't babysit you though the material while you sit there. 3- Try respecting the teacher a bit. Listen to him explain an answer and don't interupt him. You might learn something if you're not always preoccupied on failing.
Man, if Professor Dunn was in there, he'd rip those students apart for being rude...