Blogger Meetup

I went to the meetup yesterday, found a very interesting group of people. There were two govenatorial candidates, a liberal activist, several webdesigners, a gun nut, reporter, two librarians and one poor guy that got caught in the corner that we trapped in.
Basically, one of the Seven Day's reporters started a weblog called 802 Vermont, and started a list of Vermont blogs. The list is quite extensive, and the first time that she tried this, she only got three people to come. This time, there was nearly twenty five, all with various backgrounds and ages. I knew one person there, Philip Baruth, who taught at the Champlain Writer's conference when I went there. I was only there for about an hour, but people exchanged names and web addresses, and what their weblogs were about, what they used for hosting, complained about comment spammers and some other random things. One of attendees I found worked at Norwich University, where I go to school, which was a funny coincidence. Overall, a very fun group of people there. I was the youngest there.
Here's Cathy's writeup, (she organized this entire thingy): Nice ta meetcha. I even made it into a couple of photographs.

EDIT: Here's one of the pictures I made it into. Got several compliments for the shirt at the meetup: