Snow preperations

I finally got around to putting the snow tires on my car, which means that for the first time in the time that we've owned my car, it's going to be driven in the winter. I drive around a '90 Toyota Camery, good car. It's got decent gas milage, and it's easy to drive. Only problem, that they tend to rust, given the alloys used in the framework and whatnot. So for the past five or six winters, we've kept it stored in the garage, and it's kept it in good shape. We're trying to keep our Durango (Gah, I hate that laviathan) off the road as much as possible, given that the gas prices are enough to be a huge pain. We'll probably use it when the roads get really bad around where I live.

Facebook added a new feature, photo albums. Fun little concept, I stuck a group of images from Arizona and Celebration 3 up for people to look at. I realized that I don't have a whole lot of images, or me or of things that I've gone on. I have almost no pictures of anything at camp, despite that I've worked there for six years now. London, I'll be taking a lot of pictures. Hopefully not enough to make me stand out as a tourist. Now, for a haircut. I'm getting sick of longer hair.