Finally, a problem that's been plaguing me for almost a year and a half now is over with, for now. I've had ingrown toenails for that time, due to a number of reasons, from cutting them improperly and my hike down the Grand Canyon, which made things worse. It's painful and problematic, especially after it became infected. So before I head off to London, I finally got it checked out by a doctor in Burlington. I thought that I was going in for a consulting thing, but after thirty minutes, I was limping out of there with the problem somewhat fixed. Some local anestetics, some clipping of the overgrown parts of the nail and some bandaging, and problem solved. Hopefully it will last for a while.
After that, while I couldn't feel my toes, I stopped by my dad's office to help them move. Ever since KAS started, they were in an office building with a couple of other companies. Now they're in their own office a couple miles down the road. From there, I went and visited my grandmother, talked with her for a little while. She's had a bit of a rough week, because one of her neighbors died the other day, and while I was there, she recieved word that a close friend had been killed in a car accident. After that, I visited my friend Sarah, then went back home. Almost ran out of gas on the way back, then went and picked up my friend Kyle, who's spending the week with us while on break.
Yay for vacation!