Info on an Unfilmed Firefly Episode

I was surprised when I saw this - it's been three years since the show went off the air, and while I knew of one episode script that was up online, but not this concept. It does certainly seem to explain one thing that popped up in the show that was still unexplained with the movie: What was Inara doing with that needle in the first episode just before the reaver attack?

Here's what came up on a couple of websites:

What were some of the Firefly stories you never got to tell? He hemmed and hawed, “Should I tell you this?… Oh well, what’s he going to do, fire me?” The original show was darker and this story was more in keeping with that tone.
It opens with Mal and Inara fighting (as they do). Mal tells her she pretends to be a lady and wants everyone to bow before her and kiss her hand but she’s just a whore. Then the Reavers attack and take Inara. While trying to get her back they learn that she had something that would make anyone who had sex with her die. When they finally track down and board the ship they find all of the Reavers dead and Inara shaking and traumatized.
They take her back to the ship and Zoe guards her room. Mal tries to get in to see her and Zoe tells him he’s the last person Inara needs to see. He pushes past her, kneels before Inara and kisses her hand.
Of course someone asked, “Is that what the syringe [that Inara gets out when the Reavers approach in the pilot episode] was for?” To which he replied, “I don’t know. Next question.”

That is an extremely dark thing, even for Firefly. Also, considering that there was some intentions for a trilogy of movies, and of the various storylines that we had hanging off of the series to movie, one, River's storyline made up the bulk of the movie, two, Book's storyline was ended with Book's death, Inara's/Mal's storyline, along with that needle thing, and a couple other random ones that I can't think of. I'd go and rewatch Firefly this week, but I'm going through the entire run of Farscape. Currently on Season 2 out of Four + the miniseries.