Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, hopefully everyone will have a relaxed day with some good food sometime. It's interesting this year, because we're not actually having our dinner until tomorrow - mainly because of the foot or so of snow that we've gotten over the past two days, which is delaying my grandmother's trip from Burlington to come and eat with us, something that we do every year. It's also interesting, because my entire family is here - my brother came up the other day from school, and I've seen him for the first time in a couple of months, which is odd again.
My friend Kyle is also spending the week with us, because he lives in Washington, which is a little too far to go for a week. We've been hanging out, watching South Park, Family Guy or Farscape, inbetween minor work projects that have been handed to us from the parents. Like the tree that we had to clean up. But it's good to have everyone together. My grandmother is coming for dinner, and I think my brother's girlfriend as well, so it'll be crowded.
On Saturday, I've been ordered to go to one of my friend's apartments, because the Abnaki staff is getting together while we're all here for a celebration of our own. I imagine that it'll be fun - and it'll be good to see people again. I'll probably visit Rachel while I'm up - she's been having some random troubles, and I haven't seen her in a while. Hopefully I'll get to visit a couple more times before I go off to London.
My vacation thus far: fairly boring with lots of TV and headaches. On the plus side, my toes are no longer hurting and are healing, which is a huge plus. Now, if only I can get more Homework done.