Reunions & Friends

A couple of days ago, I was messaged by a couple of friends for camp - While most of the staff members in the Burlington area were in town for their school breaks, they decided to get together and have a sort of Abnaki thanksgiving celebration. I headed up and met up with Rachel, who invited me over for a while, and we decided to go out and stay for a while, after we walked down to Church street to get some air. We've both been having our own various headaches, and it was good to talk about them with a sympathetic ear. We walked around church street for a while, ran into my friend Blackwell, which was a big surprise, and he was even more surprised to see me, and I think caught off guard, because he was with a girl - I think the one that he was almost arrested over (Long story) - and we didn't chat long. We also ran into my friend Lucy, who's apparently gotten a new job on Church street. From there, we sought out Billy and Jesse's apartment.I was extremely surprised to see that they had cooked an entire two turkeys and everything else with a turkey dinner - stuffing, mashed potatos, cranberry sause. A lot of people were there too - Billy, Tidd, Mike Wells, Pat, Alex, Lindsay, Dan Schwartz, Sam Hagen, Shane, Kevin, and a couple other random people. I think Rachel felt a little out of place, but it was like none of us had been parted for more than a couple of days - lots of reminising about events at camp, some video games, talking, drinking, eating, smoking and everything else that college guys do when they're on their own. It was good to see a lot of friends again. I ended up leaving early, and walked back to Rachel's apartment to get my car (She left early). Went back up and we talked for something like two hours before we realized what time it was and I left for home, getting back at around eleven. Fun evening. Kyle left this morning, back at school, and I'll be back at class tomorrow. Where did the time go? I still have two reports to finish up. Gah. Started working out my budget for London, watched the first episodes of Season 4 of Farscape, typed up a couple random things and going to do some reading later. Anyone ever listen to the 1812 Overture? Fun piece of music. I got a file of it earlier this year, and while watching Farscape, I found it highly amusing that the main character, John Crichton, was singing it to himself and got a small robot to hum the tune. Very catchy - especially when you're going insane.