iPod Problems & Other Apple Stuff

I really like my iPod, carry it everywhere, listen to it constantly. So it's a major problem when it decided to stop working, shortly after it fell out of my pocket into a snowbank when I was getting out of my car. When I get home later today, I'm going to call up their customer service department and see what I can do about getting it fixed, because everything that I've tried hasn't worked, from trying to restore it to resetting it. My computer won't even read it now. Gah.

This comes after I get some really cool news about what Apple's done now. They formed a partnership with the network NBC, which allows them to distribute a total of twelve shows through iTunes, including the new Battlestar Galactica, of which I'm a big fan, and run the website: http://galacticacic.blogspot.com. I downloaded the newest version of iTunes at school and installed it last night, looks great, and I'm really liking the way that I can store videos in iTunes. I'm extremely tempted to bring my entire computer to school and download some of the episodes that I've missed, or all of the second season. It's extremely shiny because it costs an entire $30 less than the physical boxed set, which is coming out later this month, and with only half the season. I just wish that I didn't have dialup, and a faster connection.

Still have 4-5 more pages to go on my paper. Hopefully I'll get everything finished tonight, along with the powerpoint for a presentation tomorrow. w00t!