Bourne Ultimatum

Just read two reports on the Bourne Ultimatum script that's apparently in the works. I must say that I'm really excited about it- I love both the Bourne Identity and the Bourne Supremacy, and I count them among some of my favorite movies. Knowing that it was a book trilogy, I remember reading that they're looking into getting the third one done sometime in the future. Looks like they will be doing that. IGN Filmforce rolled out a report about the assumed plot, essentially filling in all the last questions about Bourne. Who is he really, what was Treadstone, etc. Apparently, this will cover that to some degree.

From IGN:

Jason Bourne is on a mission to get to the bottom of things – the Treadstone project, which created über-assasins like him for the US government, and the conspiracy among those who would like to eliminate the evidence, namely Bourne. Along the way, he discovers his pre-Treadstone past in the military, his mother, and his real name.
In the meantime, Noah Vosen is a government official who wants Bourne dead. Vosen enlists the help of Pam Landry's character and the remaining Treadstone soldiers to get him. There's also a sinister side to the story that involves mind-control techniques applied in Treadstone.
Action in the film ranges from London to Paris to Gibraltar to New York. The story as it currently stands may go through revisions before production begins, but that should give spy thriller fans a good idea of what to expect from The Bourne Ultimatum.

The second source that I read was the Latino Review, which does a lot with scripts of upcoming movies. You can read their review here: Latino Review.

Man, I'm already getting excited over this. I know that Matt Damon, who I really like as an actor, is interested in coming back, and it's looking like they're going to bring back a couple other characters from Supremacy. I guess that this means that I'll go watch the first two back to back.