Yes, there is Science, no matter how you cut it.

I'm getting back into the regular writing habit, although I'll still update on what I'm doing.

Climate Expert Says NASA Tried to Silence Him

When will the Bush Administration get it into their heads that Global Warming is a very real and decidedly problematic thing for everyone in the world? Or, that Science, does infact exist in the world, and that Science doesn't conform to any political agenda or party. Having the public relations officer of NASA stating that his job is to make the president, and the Republican party look good is unexcusable, especially when you look up what NASA's motto is.
Beyond that, having administration clearance for access to reporters is also completely out there.

Where scientists' points of view on climate policy align with those of the administration, however, there are few signs of restrictions on extracurricular lectures or writing.

That shouldn't happen. At all. The entire thing reminds me of the soldiers in the middle east when interviewed by the press. They can give out their name and an extremely general activity that they're doing, but it's so heavily censored that they might as well be given a script. Since when did Science become a classified thing? It's simply not right for the government to pick and choose which information to use, because you can't sugar coat everything, no matter how much you ignore. Science encompasses good and bad, and you must look at both. And it's essential that you look at both before using it to dictate policy.